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Welcome to LM.C DAILY! Many 'daily' comms exist for bands. A place where pictures of the band are posted every day. So it's about time LM.C got one, too! All us fans enjoy seeing pictures of them, whether it's new scans or just plain old random stuff.
With every community, there needs to be some rules to keep the place in order. But don't worry! Things aren't too strict. Just keep these simple things in mind and you'll be perfectly fine. I know it looks like a lot, but this is just so that it clears up any questions that might come up! The lengthiness may make it seem like this place is rather strict, but we highly support epic lulz. ♥

★The community is members only. So join to see the posts, and post yourself!
★No posting graphics or otherwise manipulated photos. Same goes for any type of advertisement. Plenty of other communities exist for you to advertise.
★There's currently no limit to the amount of pictures you can have in one post, just don't go overboard! If there are any severe problems with this, then a limit will be set.
★Every post must include at least one image. That's what the community is for! If you have a general post about the band/members, post it over at lm_c.
★If you're posting a large image, or more than one image, make sure to put it under an LJ cut. If you don't know how, see this post for directions.
★NO DRAMA. This is a place for LM.C fans to come together and have fun, not for fighting. Take the drama elsewhere.
★Images of them in previous bands are allowed as well. So you can post pictures of Aiji in Pierrot, maya in Miyavi's support band, maya in SINNERS, etc. But the image MUST include maya or Aiji in it.
★Go right ahead and post pictures of the support members, too! Additionally, members of other bands may be posted as long as maya or Aiji are in the image as well.
★Sharing scans is perfectly fine! However if it isn't something you have scanned yourself, please be sure to credit the original scanner.
★Don't worry about posting images that have already been posted. Awesome images should be shown more than once, so no one's really going to care if you see a particular image more than once anyway.
★Tags will be added by me after entries are posted, so you don't have to worry about any tagging confusion.
★Feel free to introduce yourself! You can give us some information about you, or maybe you just want to say hi and show us your favorite image. Don't be shy!
★Have fun! ♥



If you have any questions or problems, message one of the people above. You will be gotten back to as soon as we can, so please be patient.